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Thursday 11 June 2015

[保养] Beauty Buffet Scentio 牛奶洗面奶


I'm actually never buy facial skin care from Bangkok altho I been there every year...

But this time I gonna try the facial foam from Beauty Buffet since it is so famous and recommeded from internet...

Is it really good as said?

Let's see....

[Efficiency] Whitening Moisturizing Cleansing antioxidant

[For] all skin types

 [Introduction] rich pure milk essence and Q10, gentle clean skin, skin whitening, aloe essence can penetrate the skin, replenish moisture, vitamin E has anti-oxidation function, reduce premature wrinkles.

 [Method Of Use] squeeze a little in the palm, add water to foam, with the pulp in the face with by inside outside direction gently, then rinse off with clear water

Left  : I'm normally using Clinique Sonic Cleansing Brush to do night clean...I'm feel my face more clean after using brush...

Right : Normal simple hand

左边: 晚上时间我多数会使用洗脸刷, 感觉会比较干净。
右边: 早上时间都是带过洗就算。

Before and After... actually no much different, just clean lo...

I say...
- I normally wouldn't expect so much from Cleanser... as long as clean and NOT RASHES happen will do...
- This cleanser work quite well but have bit dry if you leave your skin without subsequent step.
- Also the milk scent is quite strong, indeed you will feel like condensed milk and so sweet feel.
  However, I will wondering the how much fragrance ingredient they have input to make this.

I will re purchase if I have no shortlisted facial foam on hand....
Anyway, it is really cheap and worth to use so. May more recommended for young skin.

I have purchase another 2 Beauty Buffet product but only update when I use it.

See ya~

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Ho Chin Minh Day 3 part2: Mui Ne Resort Lang Ca Voi + Lam Tong Quan Seafood

Mui Ne Stay: Lang Ca Voi

After leaving The Fairy Stream, we are so hot and can't wait to get a bath at our new resort!

I'm in love with Lang Ca Voi!!! Never regret on my choice....because it's so so fantastic!!!

They only have 3 unit of the bungalow, for USD40 (low season), we get the whole bungalow!!!
It's definitely worth it and it just a paradise to us~

 It's wholly design by the owner and his wife, Janot & Hai Van.
Janot is a french but married with Hai Van (local vietnamese) and they build and design these incredible bungalow. So they have another name as "The Whales Village"
(I learned this when I survey for my stay in Mui Ne)
But then when we saw Janot and Hai Van personally, they are so sweet with their lovely kids.
How I wonder me & Mr Bun can be like them when we are still old.
We're really in love with this place, wish to be our dream house when we retired~ lolz

I got the corner hut~

The bedroom (bed with mosquito net you will definitely need it!) and the corner of pool viewing.
The bathroom is so nice! You can either rain shower or enjoy the jacuzzi~

I love upstair as well, although they don't have private sea.
But you can sit at the comfy or swing chair and enjoy the sea view and garden feel.
Also, there have small bed for you to lay, quite relaxing.

But the bad points is....there really a lot mosquito, Janot did prepare sprayer for us~ not to worry.
I'm easy attached by mosquito, but I still love here...

I love taking picture....just take as much as I can~

Aiks...what a relax, but it's hot, just for photo purposes~

Wefie with Mr Bun~ Gosh....we got sun burn!
I'm lazy to use sun block coz I hate the sticky feel....
But it really make me regret until now! 
From there on whenever I go I also bring my sun block along!

Enought of photo shoot~ we gonna out hunt for food~

We just drive along the main road again and stop at a local stall~
Order whatever we feel nice...of coz, they dont know English...seeing us with worry eyes...
But I'm very cheerful and confident with my body language (finger point)~
So they also smile back to us~ hehe

Small Table Small Chair~

It's tired with our morning journey...we go back for resting in resort and take a swim too~

Mr Bun more enjoy than me in swimming pool, I just enjoy the view at upstair...
You can see the sea in the picture...walk to beach just 100m.

Mui Ne Seafood: Lam Tong Quan
Lam Tong Quan Restaurant is on the main street of Mui Ne.
Have forgotten who recommend we to be here for dinner....
An open space dinner restaurant.

Steam Crab (1st in our life)'s fresh! original taste the sweetness of crab...
The shell are very nice too! 
Grilled prawn, fried squid, and spring rolls... + coconut drink~

Total bill at 772,000dong (S$47++), consider the best seafood in our trip~

Lam Tong Quan
Address: 92 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne

The last night in Mui Ne...we are coming back to resort to enjoy the night view and our small bottle...
It will be perfect if we able kill all the mosquito >.<

That all for our Day 3
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Wednesday 10 June 2015

Ho Chin Minh Day 3 part1: (Mui Ne) Fishing Village + White Sanddunes + The Fairy Stream

Vietnam is 1 hour later than us, it's a big mistake I'm set we breakfast at 630am (local time).
It's already bright enought and start to be hot!

But we still enjoy our breakfast here with nice sea scenary.
Anyway, this is our last day with Full Moon and we finally move to my original resort Lang Ca Voi!!!

Lang Ca Voi owner greet us in very early morning, he help us move our lugage to his resort.
And giving us the map.

Fishing Village/ Fishing Harbour (美奈渔乡之村)
This fishing harbour just beside the main road...
Surely will see this if you drive along the road!

They busy with those small small crab....This is the simple life of the villagers.

Our photo time...we feel so peaceful here...
The life without stress, easy going and simple, what we can't see in the city we live.

L|fE is Really Simple, But We Insist on Making It Complicated.

We'll never forget here...Mui NE!

Okay... we heading for our next of today~ the place that make me come here: White Sanddunes.

My man, who willing ride for me forever~ 
We are unknown about road in front... just keep ask around those villagers, they willing to point us as well~

 We come to this 黄泥路...really wonder whether we are in right way untill I see the White Sanddunes opposite the ponds!!!!

White Sanddunes (白沙丘

Wondering we are at correct other tourist here...
and need us to pay 10,000Dong = (S$0.70)

1st time of my life to Desert~

Is really no one here....luckily we have bring tripod and can take couple pic.
Really sorry to my hubby coz he carry so heavy stuff all the way, and it's really HOT HOT HOT!!!

The tripod really heavy neh~

Feel he is lonely in this pic...Nonono, no matter where you go, I will follow 4va ever!

The dunes are changed be the wind, but the desert will never changed.
That's way it will be our love for each other.

Ok...the weather are really too hot!!!
We spend about 1.5hour here to take as much photo we can~
Goodbye, Desert!

Let's continue to our next destination - The Fairy Stream

The Fairy Stream (仙女溪
Fairy Stream is hidden gem in Mui Ne City.
Just ride the main road and turn into a small alley...and you will reach a shop
that need you to park you bike, then pay for your parking ticket...
Parking bike in local house, it's fair enough to pay other also.
The fee is not expensive.
But bear in mind is better for you to bring plastic bag along...
Because we are bare foot to walk along this river!!!
The weather is so I wonder can jump into the river, lolz...
Never worry about stone or rocks, the stream bottom are very soft and warm.
Just treat it as foot spa will do~

Well...Those limstone structure are amazing, by natural.
I keep feel it is salt and I taste it, sorry it's NOT!

I can't imagine if 土崩 happen...*touch wood*

This 2 salt mountain look amazing!!!

See what he done again...

Gosh...Mr Bun are forever like a kids...
The best foot mask ever, it look disgusting but the mud are super comfy!

Honestly it seem no ending of this river, we met 2 western's and they making U-turn,
they told us they can't see the ending...
So we guess more about the same so we turn back too....
Think me am Mr Bun have walk about 30minute per way, time spend here is 1 hour +

Well...we are tiring as well...
Time now is about 2pm, we heading back to Lang Ca Voi as Janot have bring all our lugage to his resort already.
Really look forward for my stay ahead and I know it wont disappoint me!!!

Day 3 part 2 to be upload soon~