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Tuesday 10 February 2015

[301014] Birthday Cake 2014: Chocolate Origin

( only 2 hello kitty cupcake which bought by my lil sis )
Ok la, have a bit Gan Dong finally he spend on whole cake!
Chocolate Origin (from AMK Hub, no doubt)
Is very blank design but still look nice with the only "Chocolate"chips ^^
Make a wish:
- Happy come to me
- Money come to me
- Pretty come to me
- Wealthy come to me
- Good thing all come to me
Stay young young young forever!!!!
No Y, just love myself in bun hair :P
Why all the photo only me...well, have a little argue with Mr Bun.
But I can't remember what is the things now...
All photo taken by me, not even want to ask him!
Anyway, still sharing this cake with him as he is the buyer.
I should show some respect lol...
But not to worry, we back to normal after 2nd day, that is what we always do.
床頭打架床尾合 this is really suit us!

Monday 9 February 2015

[291014] Yoogane Singapore - Korean Dakgalbi 닭갈비

A day meet up with my ex collegues - Meei Huey + Vinci~ 
I'm their team when I 1st join the ex-firm. 
We meeting up at Bugis but have no idea where to dinner. 
Always passby this restaurant but Mr Bun dun wanna to queue! 

Finally, Meei Huey make the decision~ Hooray! 
I'm sooooo happy I can try this Korean Dakgalbi. 

You know I'm really miss the 春川辣炒鸡排 at Seoul! 
Again....we have to queue about 10+ people in front, lolz. But the queu quit fast. 

 Is it good enought to represent 3 of us?? haha :P

The shiny stove...they will cook in front of us~

Free flow of side yourself at the side dish counter ^^

Put all the ingredient in

 Fried fried fried...

Mix Mix Mix...

Fried fried fried, place evenly....

Taa Daaa~ It's done!!!!

This is very yummy, must order item!!!
But we are 3 pax, you must order minimum 2 pax above, so we order this for 2 pax.

and we order extra dish...

Honestly this is not really that nice as Dakgalbi... no really recommended ^^

The pot look like very big right...hahaha~ 
Not to worry, 3 of us can finish it!

After dinner, wefie time!

Meei Huey is a very good supervisor that teach me a lot of thing, 
also a person who very nice in talking and easy going..
Altho I'm quite scare her when I'm new, blerk :P

Never forget when I'm 1st day she auto jio me for lunch.
Thankiu Vincy! muakkssss :*

She is kind enough and make me & Meei Huey worry she easy kena bully by others >.<
(yucks, my hand look ugly in this photo...but she is prettier than the other photo...ok lo, sacrify myself :‘(  )

That's all for today...Next time must bring Mr Bun to try this Dakgalbi, 
can bising him bring me back to Korea as well, muahaha :P

By the way, I love my today makeover!
Posting 1 here to keep memory ^^

Ann Yeong~!

Yoogane Singapore
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Contact details Tel: +65 6337 7337
Opening Hours Mon - Sun 11:00am - 10:00pm


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Friday 6 February 2015

[251014] Birthday 2014: Marche - Annual meet up for Cindy + Albee celebration

Every year of today, Kelvin gor will arrange dinner with us for Me + Albee birthday celebration.
Wefie before we out for celebration today

First time full make up after my "puffy eye removal" operation, is about 3rd weeks now~
It still swollen but can cover by make up ^^

Feel blessed, ~Kevin gor never forget even he just got married in this year!
Must well thanks for his wife Wei Yee for her kind generous release him and wishing both them sweet sweet  forever!

John is late for this year...lolz. Got 异性沒人性...
Joking la...this fellow very busy for his wedding coming year and he did join us in our 2nd round nia ^^

Wefie during Queue up

My best friends always!

Finally our turn~Our "credit card", pay after you eat :P

Welcome to "MARCHE, moo~

I'm very excited when see all the ingredient are FRESH! COLORFUL!
No doubt, they are all REAL!!!

Handsome chef at CREPE counter! He notice I'm shooting him, wahaha :P

Jia Jia shooting ^^

Beauty vs Food, which you choose?!

Of coz food la (Albee Tan will do this to me too, blerk :P)

Continue surfing my food~
I really love their deco, it seem like you walking in a small village full of food!

My all time favourite!
POTATO ROSTI~ very long queue!

ROSTI ROSTI!!! I Love!!!
But say no no to the mushroom soup, not our type >.<

Albee can't wait to start 1st >.<
so do I...but selfie 1st :P

Kevin gor give his card to us, ask us order whatever :P
The 3rd item is...PIG KNUCKLE!

 It look more simple...

 All food of the night!!!

SOUVRY CREPE is super nice!!!
ROSTI POTATO not bad...
PORK KNUCKLE normal...
MUSHROOM SOUP - we don't like!

Thanks Kevin gor for his billing.

We continue our night for a drink at Sentosa Broadwalk.
This is the reason we come to Vivocity ^^

A nice place recommended by Kevin gor

A very nice view front of our seat...
Bare foot Albee, good to have this type of friend willing took of her shoes to match my height >.<

Ordering in process...

Albee cocktails: Lychee Martini

Cindy cocktail: Apple Margarita

Is too bad I'm the camera owner huh, keep photo shooting for them >.<
See who is here... Our brother JOHN MOO finally arrived!

This type of face...really can't imagine he is in Pastor牧师 look (IF in future)

Birthday cake bring over buy John couple~

Make a wish time!!
May god bless us:
Stay Healthy
Stay Pretty
Stay Wealthy
Stay Happy
Jimuiship forever, muaksss :*

Thanks for everyone of today~

New bride to be: Zhou Ling (Mrs Moo)
Both of you must stay happiness ya!

Again, 4 of us...Thanks god without any absences.

Friendship forever!
God bless everyone of us stay happy life ever

Thanks Kevin year remember do the same :P

Thanks Albee for coming Singapore again this year.
Next year we will do at JB ya (for both us ONLY) ^^
Stay Jimuiship forever, love you!


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